Shepard Fairey Collaboration Skate Decks *SOLD*

Shepard Fairey, Collaboration Skate DecksShepard Fairey, Collaboration Skate Decks  SOLD OUT
To  celebrate Jim Muir’s induction into The National Skateboarding Hall of Fame, Obey will be releasing remaining stock of their Collaboration Skate Decks along with a few new colorways Thursday May 15th at 10am at Obey .   Click here for images and details.

'My friend Jim Muir is being inducted into The National Skateboarding Hall of Fame alongside legends Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, and Natas Kaupas.  I started skateboarding and listening to punk rock 30 years ago.  I’ve been a Dogtown fan for a long time and I vividly remember the Muir brothers featured together in Thrasher Magazine in the 80’s.  In 2009 my friend Glen E. Friedman let me know about Jim’s accident and neck injury and asked if I’d collaborate with him on a portrait of Jim to raise money for his medical expenses.  Jim later asked if I’d be interested in putting the art I’d made based on Glen’s photo on a run of boards and of course I loved the idea.  Jim did an amazing job selecting the wood, building the shapes, airbrushing, hand screening, and lacquering the boards.  The boards are all signed by Jim, Glen, and me.  I’m very proud and grateful to be a part of this project.  Congrats to Jim and the entire 2014 class of Skateboard Hall of Famers!'