Shepard Fairey – DISSOBEY *SOLD*

Shepard Fairey x Slick, DISSOBEY, 2015  SOLD OUT

Shepard Fairey x Slick, DISSOBEY, 2015I have been a fan of Slick’s graffiti and graphic design since the early 90’s. I was following graffiti of course, where Slick’s street work was legendary, but I also followed the emergence of streetwear brands like X-Large, Third Rail, and Fuct, all of whom Slick did great tee graphics with. I was impressed with Slick’s artistic versatility and his choices of references and subversive twists in his graphics. I finally met Slick about 12 or 13 years ago at an art show at our gallery. He was cool to my face and then did a big drippy tag in our elevator. I didn’t really care except that our landlord said our art shows were attracting “the wrong element” and warned us to keep things clean. After that, Slick and I bumped into each other pretty regularly and at some point he told me he was doing a Buckwheat “OTAY” parody of OBEY. I was flattered and I enjoyed seeing some of the prints around LA. When Slick and I talked about doing an “official” collaboration, we liked the idea of an homage to creative competition and transgression. You either learn to love the chaos of the streets or you don’t last in that realm. Slick and I battled over a prominently located electrical box near MOCA in 2011 and that is what inspired the look of the poster we made. Slick did a great job capturing the look of layers of posters and the printer Black Sunshine translated the image beautifully. Thanks for love, hate, and art Slick!

Medium: Screen print on thick white paper.
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Edition of 187
Signed by Shepard Fairey and Slick.
Price: $80

This print will be releasedFriday, February 13th at a random time between 10am and 11am PST  at Obey