Special Offer – M.C. Escher, Icosaeder, 1963

M.C. Escher, Isocaëder, 1963.   SOLD OUT

M.C. Escher, Isocaëder, 1963.M.C. Escher designed this stunning multiple in the year 1963, for the anniversary of the Dutch company “NV Vereenigde Blikfabrieken, Verblifa” (United Tin factories). The multiple was offered as a gift to their valued customers, business relations and employees and was filled with 450 grams of the famous Dutch chocolate ‘Droste pastilles”. The website of the Dutch Escher Museum provides a beautiful insight how the corporation between Verblifa and Escher was established as well how the tins were designed and produced.

Now 51 years later only a few of these remarkable tins are a available on the market. Most tins were damaged, for they were actually used as a chocolate or cookie tin and it is a mission impossible to find these tins in a mint condition.

I am huge admirer of Escher myself and I am fortunate to own an Escher Icosaeder tin in my personal collection. In my continuous search for a better-conditioned tin, I came in contact with a retired employee of Verblifa, the company that produced and released these tins in 1963. To my astonishment he possessed two large boxes filled with museum quality Icosaeders. Buying them was an absolute no brainer.

I am now extremely pleased that I can offer you the opportunity to acquire an Escher tin to add to your collection for a very competitive price.

Medium: Twenty-sided chocolate tin decorated with shells and starfishes in relief.
The diameter is approximately 5,71 inches (14,5 cm).
Condition exterior: mint
Condition interior: near mint (please bare in mind that these tins were assembled manually and that some very fine scratches were inevitable.
The tin was produced in an edition of 6.800 and an additional 300 tins were produced to replace any defects.


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And read how Escher turned down Mick Jagger, who was a huge fan of his work, to design the cover of their 1969 album hereM.C. Escher, Isocaëder, 1963.M.C. Escher, Isocaëder, 1963.

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