Summer of Shrigley – Summer Edit

Summer of Shrigley - Summer Edit - 2021

Welcome to our Shrigley Summer Edit! We've scoured the internet to find our members some of the best Shrigley items around to help you enjoy summer that little bit more. Here you'll find a selection of affordable Shrigley multiples to keep you healthy, happy and hydrated over the summer!

'Ridiculous Inflatable Swan Thing' - Inflatable

David Shrigley - Ridiculous Inflatable Swan Thing - InflatableThe Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing first started life as a simple line drawing, developing into a limited edition sculptural piece cast in polyurethane resin.
Soon after the Swan-Thing found life in an inflatable form. Its elegant neck has extended up to 13 metres tall in various installations internationally, but here we present the more modest 90cm tall version, created by our friends Third Drawer Down.
Enjoy the Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing as a toy, a pool float or as an inflatable sculpture placed in your home.
Definitely not a life-saving device. Inflates to 90cm x 60cm x 80cm. Packaged in presentation box.

Price: €35.00
Available from Shrig Shop.

'I Collect Records' - Frisbee 

David Shrigley - I Collect Records - Frisbee David Shrigley teamed up with Third Drawer Down Studio to create this music-inspired take on a frisbee. Taking inspiration from a drawing Shrigley did for a record cover and also nodding to his DJ roots, it’s styled in the shape of an old school record with a playful print at the centre to finish.
175g Professional Frisbee - 27cm diameter.

Price: £25.00
Available from END.

'Everything is Good' - Water Bottle. 

Everything is Good - Water Bottle.Made from 304 grade stainless steel, the water bottle measure 25 cm in height and is thermal to keep cold things cool and hot things hot. Has a capacity of 500 ml.

Price: £25.95
Available from Baltic Mill Shop. 

'I'm Special' - Tote bag

David Shrigley - Im Special - Tote bagCreated from the unique David Shrigley work: I'm Special (2007). Woven tote bag in black canvas with white I'm Special print on the front and Shrig Shop logo on the reverse.
Use this sturdy tote bag for your groceries, school books, laptop, and for dressing up or down.  Made from sustainable 300g canvas fabric: 80% recycled cotton 20% recycled polyester

Price: €25.00
Available from Shrig Shop.


'How Are You Feeling?' - Book

David Shrigley - How Are You Feeling? - BookDavid Shrigley ponders what is at the centre of the human brain's mind. How are you feeling? Are you alright?
If you could open your mind like a handbag and show us what was inside, what would we see? A bit of a mess?
Don't worry. This is a self-help book. You'll feel better very soon.
Hardback: 208 pages

Price: £14.99
Available from Baltic Mill Shop.

'This Is Not What I Wanted' - Yoga Mat

David Shrigley - This Is Not What I Wanted - Yoga MatThis endless lockdown takes a toll on our mental health. Yoga & meditation can help, and today you can practice your downward facing dog in style on this David Shrigley yoga mat - created especially for artlead objects.
For this yoga mat, Shirgley made a drawing with the text 'This is not what I wanted, I wanted something different, I do not know exactly what I wanted but I did not want this, yet they say there us nothing that can be done and that it is too late, so I must be satisfied with this and so must you'. This can count as a lesson in acceptance. As a lesson in solidarity too, because we are in the same situation, and we will come out of it together!
But first... stretch!
Medium: Natural tree rubber with PU top layer
Size: 61 x 183 x 0,3 cm

Edition: 300

Price: €150.00
Available from Artlead.

'Life Is Fantastic' - Tea towel

David Shrigley - Life Is Fantastic - Tea towelThird Drawer Down in collaboration with Scottish artist David Shrigley present Life is Fantastic, a Domestic Art Tea Towel. This is a digitally printed artwork on 100% linen. It can be seen as a functional domestic art tea towel or an artwork to be framed, loved and displayed in the home. A best seller and an eternal favourite of the studio's.
100% linen. Machine washable.

Price: £25.00
Available from Third Drawer Down.