Susan Hefuna ‘Cityscape Munich’ *SOLD*

Susan Hefuna, Cityscape Munich, 2015  SOLD OUT

Susan Hefuna, Cityscape Munich, 2015Susan Hefuna’s edition for Whitechapel Gallery is one in a series of ‘Cityscapes’, made previously in Istanbul and New York. Cityscape Munich, 2015 is an etching made by the artist in Munich and, for Hefuna, is a direct response to her surroundings. She describes arriving at Munich train station at a time when the station was crowded with Syrian refugees and children entering Germany from Austria. The colour blue is significant for it is found all over Munich, as the colour of Bavaria. For Hefuna it is important that the print is composed with the same directness as her drawings. Instead of the image deriving from an existing sketch, the artist has drawn directly onto two etching plates in two layers, which are then printed. This process, for Hefuna, captures the ‘freshness of the moment’.

Medium: Sugar lift aquatint
Dimensions: 56 x 40 cm [22 x 15.7 inches].
Edition of 20,
Signed and numbered recto.
Produced by the artist with Sebening & Ulke, Intaglio Printshop Munich
Price will rise as an edition starts to sell out.
Price: £450.00
(Members £405.00)

THis limited edition Susan Hefuna print is available at Whitechapel Gallery