Takashi Murakami – Kaikai & Kiki (BLUE eye) *SOLD*

Takashi Murakami - Kaikai & Kiki (BLUE eye) - 2019   SOLD OUT

Takashi Murakami - Kaikai & Kiki (BLUE eye) - 2019In addition to the Kaikai & Kiki (Green eye) figures, which were released consecutively at ComplexCon 2018, Tonari no Zingoro and Fukuoka Cherry Store, now the Kaikai & Kiki (BLUE eye) are being released via InstincToy.

These figures, which come as a set, are available via a lottery only.
You have to cart the item to enter the lottery. Strictly one entry per address.
Entry Period: 22nd March, 2019 till 31st March 2359h.
Prize announcement: Lottery winners will be contacted by email on 4th April by 19:00h. (Only winners will receive an announcement email).
When the winners receive the invoice, payment has is due within 1 week. .
Shipping from Japan starts on April 8th, 2019.

Medium: Set of soft vinyl sculptures. As these figures are coated by hand, there may be variations in each figure. Both figures have five movable joints including the neck, shoulders, and ankle portions.
Figure size: Kaikai 23,9 cm / Kiki 20 cm
Package Size: 38,5 x 29 x 14,5 cm
Edition: This edition is marked as limited, but taking in account the latest KAWS and Murakami releases, limited doesn't automatically mean "low" quantities.
Price for the set: ¥81,000 (approx € 650 / $ 740) excl. shipping

The Kaikai & Kiki (BLUE eye) set is now available via a lottery at the InstincToy on-line store

UPDATE 4 Apr. 2019: No details on the actual edition size as of yet. The lottery entry date has now expired and Instinctoy has been sending out winner announcement emails.  SOLD OUT

UPDATE 11 Apr. 2019:  An other batch is now available via Tonari no Zingaro
Sales will be conducted via application and lottery. Sales will also be allotted by date. All applicants to provide identification. Release date: April 13, 2019.
*Item can only be purchased in-store. Reservations via phone or email are not accepted.
The difference between the figures of the InstincToy edition and this Tonari no Zingaro edition is the stamp on the foot. No edition sizes are communicated.  SOLD OUT
KaiKai & Kiki Blue Eyes - 2019 KaiKai & Kiki Blue Eyes - 2019

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