Tate – Cabinet

Tate - Cabinet - 2016

Tate - Cabinet - 2016In support and celebration of the iconic new building on the south side of Tate Modern a diverse and international group of contemporary artists were invited to create limited edition artworks. Consisting of painting, photography, three imensional work and a set of stainless steel music boxes this dynamic body of work is displayed within a bespoke museum quality oak cabinet of which only five have been made.

The following artists are represented in the cabinet; Phyllida Barlow, Zarina Hashmi, Mona Hatoum, Cornelia Parker, Taryn Simon, Dayanita Singh, Slavs And Tatars and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Cabinet specification:
Dimensions: 1500 (H) x 1250 (W) x 500 (W) mm
Solid oak fronts, surrounds and frame.
Oak veneered plywood shelves and panels, sealed with a 2k lacquer and nished with natural look, raw hard wax oil with 4 mm toughened glass.
Limited edition of 5
Each cabinet is accompanied by a certificate signed by Director, Tate Sir Nicholas Serota and Director, Tate Modern, Frances Morris.
Price: £32,000
Members price: £28,800

This great limited edition art cabinet is available at Tate

The following is contained in each portfolio:
PHYLLIDA BARLOW, untitled: deco, 2016
ZARINA HASHMI, Rohingyas: Floating on the Dark Sea, 2015
MONA HATOUM, Composition with Circles, 2016
CORNELIA PARKER, Black Flowers, 2016
TARYN SIMON, Anthem, 2015
DAYANITA SINGH, Mona, Mohun and the FILEROOM, 2016 SLAVS AND TATARS, Qabaret, 2016
WOLFGANG TILLMANS, Tate Modern Edition, 2016

Phyllida Barlow - untitled - deco, 2016

Phyllida Barlow - untitled - deco, 2016Medium: Acrylic on watercolour paper.
Dimensions: 280 x 380 mm
From a series of 25 original artworks.
Signed and numbered on reverse.

Zarina Hafhmi - Rohingyas: Floating on the Dark Sea - 2015

Zarina Hafhmi - Rohingyas: Floating on the Dark Sea - 2015Medium: Woodcut on BFK light paper mounted on Arches Cover buff paper. Paper dimensions: 400 x 300 mm
Limited edition of 100.
Signed and numbered.

Mona Hatoum - Composition with Circles, 2016

Mona Hatoum - Composition with Circles, 2016Medium: Hair on handmade paper.
Paper dimensions: 105 x 150 mm
Limited edition of 20.
Each work is unique.
Signed and numbered.

Cornelia Parker - Black Flowers - 2016

Cornelia Parker - Black Flowers - 2016Medium: Polymer Gravure on Fabriano Tiepolo 290 paper.
Paper dimensions: 765 x 570 mm
Limited edition of 35.
Signed and numbered.

Dayanita Singh - Mona, Mother, Mohun and the FILEROOM - 2016

Dayanita Singh - Mona, Mother, Mohun and the FILEROOM - 2016Medium: Two leroom books in a wooden frame with archival print pasted onto one of the book covers.
Dimensions: 350 X 27 X 60 mm (When closed)
Limited edition of 100.
Signed and numbered.

Wolfgang Tillmans - Tate Modern Edition - 2016

Wolfgang Tillmans - Tate Modern Edition - 2016Medium: Colour laser photocopy on paper.
Paper dimensions: 420 x 280
Limited edition of 172.
Each work is unique.
Signed and numbered

Slavs and Tatars - Qabaret - 2016

Slavs and Tatars - Qabaret - 2016Medium: Screen print on polished steel.
Dimensions: 210 x 240 x 280 mm
Limited edition of 100 (+ 5APs)
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate.

Taryn Simon - Anthem - 2015

Taryn Simon - Anthem - 2015Medium: Stainless steel music box movements and stained maple.
Dimensions: 845 x 381 x 127 mm
Limited edition of 35
Accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate.