Thomas Hirschhorn – Crystal of Resistance

Thomas Hirschhorn - Preparatory Drawings for "Crystal of Resistance", 2012.

Thomas Hirschhorn - Preparatory Drawings for "Crystal of Resistance", 2012.This publication of facsimiles reunited in a fitted box with three original sketches is a rare peek into the working process of Swiss artist, Thomas Hirschhorn. It is a follow-up to “Crystal of Resistance”, the artist’s large-scale work for the Swiss Pavilion at the 2011 Venice Biennial and one of the few artist’s notes which remain after the exhibition. This series of collages and preliminary sketches published by Three Star Books constitutes the preparatory drawings for the artist’s monumental sculptural work and shows his thoughts, logic and guidelines with the immediacy of the time of conception. These sketches, which Hirschhorn taped to the walls of his studio and used as reference while working on the set-up in Venice, reveal a fragment of his world vision, in the process of giving form and following the motif of the fractal-like nature of crystals. Through his collages, large and small issues are confronted in kaleidoscopic configurations, blurring the customary distinctions between architecture, drawing, sculpture, painting, and printed book-matter.

Cardboard box containing eighty-eight facsimiles and three original drawings in variable sizes.
Edition: 29,
Box size: 35 x 51 cm,
Box hand-labelled and numbered by the artist.
Price: € 6.000

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