New Texte zur Kunst Editions: Thomas Ruff – Annette Kelm – Albert Oehlen

Thomas Ruff - PHG.S.01 (2012) - 2020   SOLD OUT

Thomas Ruff - PHG.S.01 (2012) - 2020  In a series of abstract works that he started making in 2012, the photographer Thomas Ruff has explored technical and aesthetic aspects of the photogram. A process based on the same photochemistry that underlies analog photography, the photogram had its heyday in the modernist era, when László Moholy-Nagy and others created abstract black-and-white assemblages. Ruff has now brought this cameraless technique into the 21st century, building a virtual darkroom and using a 3D program to aggregate diverse objects such as rods, lenses, and paper in manifold constellations. The software also lets him enhance the compositions in digital space with colored lighting. What we see is a polychrome play of shadows, refracted light, and the silhouettes of objects.In appropriating a traditional photographic technique and aesthetic, Ruff at once deconstructs them, harnessing the potentials of cutting-edge digital image processing to make his own rules and manipulating new parameters to achieve a drastic enlargement of the range of creative possibilities.
Medium: Chromogenic print
Image size: 24 × 18 cm
Paper size: 30 × 24 cm
Edition of 100 + 20 AP
Signed and numbered verso
Price: € 410  SOLD OUT 

Annette Kelm - Dschungel - 2020

Annette Kelm - Dschungel - 2020Annette Kelm is noted for her meticulous pictorial compositions, which she typically arranges in her studio and captures with large- or medium-format cameras. The conceptually exacting placement of the materials yields works that strike a delicate balance between photographic definition, objects in staged settings, and surfaces. “Dschungel” (“Jungle”) was created at the Deutsche Bundesbank’s Counterfeit Money Unit in Mainz, where Kelm accessorized a potted tropical plant with forged 500-euro notes. Although the motif appears at the edge of the picture, almost like an afterthought, the purple banknotes, standing out from the fresh green and the white of the wall, attract the beholder’s gaze. In light of the ever-advancing virtualization of money and the inexorable rise of contactless payment methods in the jungle of finance, these forgeries take on the sweet charm of a remnant of the past.

Medium: Archival pigment print,
Image size: 26 × 19.5 cm
Paper size: 29.7 × 21 cm
Edition of 100 + 20 AP
Signed and numbered verso
Price: € 480  

Albert Oehlen - Meditation über bürokratische Tendenzen bei TZK - 2020

Albert Oehlen - Meditation über bürokratische Tendenzen bei TZK - 2020Over the decades, the painter Albert Oehlen has created several editions for TEXTE ZUR KUNST that have become classics of the genre, and so his “Meditation über bürokratische Tendenzen bei TZK” (“Meditation on Bureaucratic Tendencies at TZK”) reads as gentle mockery of our day-to-day work at the office (Albert, you should stop by sometime!).

His expressive lines capture a well-organized form of chaos, a collaborative effort brimming with energy – we’ll take it as a compliment. In its technical gesture, Oehlen’s lithograph recalls the “Computer Paintings” series he started making on his first laptop in 1990. Meditation and bureaucracy may be incongruous ideas, but in this edition, they are united in a most appealing symbiosis.

Medium: Lithograph
Size: 36.2 × 30.6 cm
Edition of 100 + 20 AP
Signed and numbered on front
Price: € 680  
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