Tracey Emin – Mother. *SOLD*

Tracey Emin - Mother - 2017. SOLD OUT

Tracey Emin - Mother - 2017This very special edition is a series of 26 lithographic prints, each with unique overpainting. Six different background pictures were first created as lithograph prints. Then on top of each Emin added further hand painted pictoral elements using acrylic paint and India ink. The series as a whole is an intimate reflection on the recent passing of the artist’s mother. A consummate and academically-trained draughtswoman, such works can be read as a stream of consciousness: vignettes that open a window onto an inner world. Of this aspect of her practice she has said: ‘My emotions force the drawing out of my hand… I am the custodian, the curator of the images that live in my mind. Every image has first entered my mind, travelled through my heart, my blood – arriving at the end of my hand. Everything has come through me.’

Medium: India ink painting on lithograph. Printed by Paupers Press, London.
Size: 76.5 x 103 cm (30.1 x 40.5 in)
Signed, titled and dated by the artist
Series of 26 unique editions
Price: € 25,000

These limited edition hand work Tracey Emin prints are available at Counter Editions

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