Ugo Rondinone – SUN Prints (Large)

Ugo Rondinone - SUN Prints (Large) - 2019

Ugo Rondinone - SUN 1 (Large) - 2019 Ugo Rondinone - SUN 2 (Large) - 2019 Ugo Rondinone - SUN 3 (Large) - 2019 Ugo Rondinone - SUN 4 (Large) - 2019 Ugo Rondinone - SUN 5 (Large) - 2019 Ugo Rondinone - SUN 6 (Large) - 2019

Medium: 6 Silkscreens in colors on Rising 4-ply Museum Board.
Size per print: 60 x 60 inches (152.5 x 152.5 cm)
Edition of 30
All prints signed and numbered recto.
Available individually or in the portfolio of the 6 SUN (Large) prints.
Price: Price on request

These limited edition Ugo Rondinone prints are available at New Art Editions

For over twenty years, Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone has been developing an oeuvre in a variety of media, from painting, graphic design, sculpture and photography to video and audio. His work is often based on themes and motifs from our everyday environment (light bulbs, masks, trees, etc.) that acquire a poetic dimension by being isolated, expanded or given a specific material treatment. With respect to their form, his installations contain diverse references to the history of art and popular culture. His work varies from landscapes drawn in Indian ink, reminiscent of Romanticism, to rainbow coloured light sculptures that refer to sixties psychedelia.