Ulrike Ottinger print – Untitled – Out Now

Ulrike Ottinger, Untitled, 2013. 

Ulrike Ottinger, Untitled, 2013. The Kestnergesellschaft (Hannover, Germany) started the year 2013 with the exhibition »Weltbilder« by the artist and film-maker Ulrike Ottinger. The various aspects of her œuvre – film, opera and theatre directing, stage design, photography and ritual objects inspired by her travels – all flow into a large-scale installation extending through several spaces. In addition, the Kino im Künstlerhaus Hannover is showing a retrospective of Ottinger’s films from the 1970s to today. The artwork and films of Ulrike Ottinger straddle ethnographic observation, cultural encounter and mythological narration. In this unique installation at the kestnergesellschaft the artist combines what otherwise remains unconnected, and in doing so she both blurs and highlights the distinctions between cultures.

School wall charts covered with postcards and embroidery are the starting point for the installation, which meanders between reality and fiction, bringing alive different worlds through photographs from Mongolia, Eastern Europe and Mexico. Thematically linked objects, wall pieces and processed photographs are woven into a dense network of images and stories. The staging is supplemented by the presentation of an excerpt from Ottinger’s »Taiga« (1992) – a film which describes her journey to the yak and reindeer nomads of Northern Mongolia and tells the histories of these two peoples – and the expansive slide installation »Bildarchive«. The exhibition offers a fascinating encounter with Ottinger’s now sensitive, now strident, open and personal view of the world, history and culture. Accompanying this exhibtion the artist has created a limited edition exclusively for the KestnerGesellschaft.

Medium: Siver gelatine print
Size Image: 25 x 38 cm
Size: Print 30 x 40 cm
Signed and numbered verso
Edition: 30 + 3 AP
Price: €900

This limited edition Ulrike Ottinger print is available at KestnerGesellschaft here