Wade Guyton – Zeichnungen Für Ein Kleines Zimmer, Pages 1-2

Wade Guyton - Zeichnungen Für Ein Kleines Zimmer, Pages 1-2, 2011

Wade Guyton - Zeichnungen Für Ein Kleines Zimmer, Pages 1-2Wade Guyton is known for his ground-breaking body of work that explores our evolving relationship to images in the Digital age. In the production of his work, Guyton utilises and decisively mis-uses common-place digital technologies, such as smart phone images, desktop computers, scanners, and inkjet printers. The resulting paintings, drawings and photographs document beautiful technological accidents that illuminate the entanglement of technology with our daily lives.

This edition, taken from the artist’s Zeichnungen publications, depicts a stack of Guyton’s drawings on his studio floor. Dissolving the space between the site of production and the gallery, the image queries the relationship between the artist, their processed and the images that they put out into the world.

Medium: Digital C-print in aluminium black matte powder-coated frame
Size: 113 x 160.7 x 5.1 cm
Edition of 15 + 2AP
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 9,360 incl. VAT

This limited edition Wade Guyton print is available at ICA London