Walton Ford, King Kong and the Rolling Stones … *SOLD*

Walton Ford, MCMLXII-MMXII, 2012.   SOLD OUT

Walton Ford, MCMLXII-MMXII, 2012. The imagery for this etching is based on Walton Ford’s monumental watercolor painting entitled GRRR!, 2012, to celebrate the legendary 50 year career of the Rolling Stones.

Inspired by his monumental watercolor portraits of King Kong from his 2011 exhibition I don’t like to look at him, Jack. It makes me think of that awful day on the Island at Paul Kasmin Gallery, Ford conceived the idea of incorporating the iconic Rolling Stones lips to capture the rebellious spirit of one of the world’s greatest rock bands.

Like all of Walton Ford's masterfully executed prints, the limited edition MCMLXII-MMXII etching is meticulously drawn and painted by the artist. Ford's conscientious hand etching method adds richness and complexity to the composition. Breaking an image down into separate colors fields, Ford envisions the precise color combination. He alters and tweaks the etchings to create different effects including burnishing certain areas in the plate through Old Master printing techniques.

The painstaking process of inking each of the five plates by hand, one after the other and printing each at the same time are executed to flawlessly achieve detailed tonal and pigment shifts. The etchings are printed at Wingate Studio in New Hampshire.

Medium: hardground, aquatint, spit bite aquatint, drypoint on fine white Rives paper
Size: 33 1/2 x 40 inches - 85.1 x 101.6 cm
Limited edition of 100,
Signed and numbered
Price: $7,500

Also available at Paul Kasmin Gallery:

Walton Ford, GRRR! for The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, 2012.  SOLD OUT

Medium: lithograWalton Ford GRRR! The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary, 2012ph
Size: 15 x 20 inches
Numbered edition of 1000,
Signed by Walton Ford
Price: $300

Both Walton Ford prints are available at Paul Kasmin Gallery via email

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