Wim Wenders – digital edition – Ferris Wheel

Wim Wenders, Ferris Wheel, 2012.

Wim Wenders, Ferris Wheel, 2012. Wim Wenders' photographs of the series "Places Strange and Quiet" depict scenes that are literally "quiet": they are places deserted, at best lonely, where time has stopped; where time might move forward only in silent slow and rusty heaviness. Ferris Wheel is typical of Wenders' desolate solitudes. The photograph was taken during his travels through Armenia in 2008, where the artist came across an abandoned defective ferris wheel in the middle of an empty field. Wenders explains that photography allows him to focus on a place rather than people - unlike film. And yet, once places "speak", they speak of "all those (people) who once were there, who lived there, who passed through, and who messed something up".

The work: Still – High-resolution image (PNG), 3000x993px.
It comes in an edition of 1000 starting at €5.  Ferris Wheel is also part of s[edition]’s dynamic pricing model. As edition availability decreases the price of the work increases. This limited Wim Wenders digital edition is available on s[edition] here