Bjarne Melgaard – Skater Rat Series – 7 New Timed Editions

The internationally renowned contemporary artist Bjarne Melgaard is launching his own online store on 31 May 2024. The platform will enable the public to buy his work directly, without intermediaries, as a first step towards regaining control over his own life's work.

Initially, the store will offer seven selected prints from the "Skater Rat" series. These works will be signed and numbered, and sold at the production price of 500 NOK (43 EUR). The print run will be extremely limited and will only include those works that are sold during the two week period they are offered for sale. After two weeks, the edition will end, and Melgaard will sign and number each work.

"I am launching my own online channel to have direct communication with my audience and offer some of my works for sale without any kind of intermediary. I see this as a first, important step in taking back control of my own art." - Bjarne Melgaard.

Bjarne Melgaard - Skater Rat Series - 2024

Bjarne Melgaard - Skater Rat Series - 2024Medium: Digital prints on paper in 7 styles. 
Size: 40 x 30 cm
Timed Edition
Signed and numbered
Price: € 43 (each)

You can order these Bjarne Melgaard prints from 31st May to 14th June at the artists new shop.