Eddie Martinez – Monotypes 2023

Eddie Martinez - Monotypes - 2023

Eddie Martinez - Monotypes - 2023Universal Limited Art Editions is pleased to announce the release of a new series of monotypes by Eddie Martinez. Martinez’s desire to work on monotypes stemmed from the immediacy of the results. By painting watercolor directly onto the clear plexi plate, Martinez is able to achieve the same effect of layering and energetic marks that is revealed within his canvases.

Surrounded by a collection of printed references and sketches, Martinez begins each session by painting the skeleton frame of an image, quickly painting and dabbing colors as the image builds up on the smooth surface of the plate. There is an exciting unknown to how the damp paper will react to the thick mounds and washed-out valleys of color once under the pressure of the press.

A significant amount of watercolor pigment left behind on the plate allows for a second printing, commonly known as a ghost print. The ghost print hints at a memory of the image that came before, revealing paper tone and faint brushstrokes that call back to Martinez’s white-out erasure technique.

Medium: 6 Framed monotype on En Tout Cas paper
Size: 31 x 24 1/2 in. - 78.74 x 62.23 cm each
Price: $ 20,850 each

These Eddie Martinez monotypes are available at ULAE