JR – Les Enfants D’Ouranos, Lune (Framed) *SOLD*

This framed lithograph was produced on the occasion of JR's exhibition "Les Enfants D'Ouranos, Lune" at Perrotin New York on view from March 3rd - April 15th, 2023.
JR personally pasted the moons and painted the stars on the lithographs, creating unique editions and a moving universe. Unveiling this new photographic and technical process, JR renders the portraits of the children in a mysterious, uncanny manner. The negative space allows him to reveal what, until now, has remained invisible: the divinity of children emanating from carefree innocence and ingenuity. With this new series, JR instills the images of the children who are directly impacted by global conflict and living in refugee camps with transcendence and the opportunity to command influence and create a new world.
In these images, surfaces reflecting light are reversed and presented as shadows and where shadows exist, the areas are filled with light. The reversal of light and dark conveys a sense of otherworldliness to these children’s depictions and blurs specificities and particularities. They become atmospheric portraits imbued with a primordial or mythological quality as referenced by the title.
Les Enfants D’Ouranos is a reminder that, during that process of determination and consolidation, it’s valuable to look through a reversal lens to identify spaces that open up possibilities for the future.

JR - Les Enfants D'Ouranos, Lune (Framed) - 2023 SOLD OUT

JR - Les Enfants D'Ouranos, Lune (Framed) - 2023Medium: Multi-layer lithograph printed on Marinoni machine on BFK Rives 300 gram paper, with hand-painted stars & hand-pasted moon by the artist.
Mounted on aluminum plate, wood block, and Dibond panel.
Koto wood frame tinted black with India Ink, and waxed, with Var 70 Anti-reflective plexi surface, cleat backing.
Produced by Atelier JR, 2023
Size: 57 x 47 cm (22.4 x 18.5 in)
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered by the artist with embossing
Price: $ 4,000

This limited edition JR hand-finished, framed lithograph is available at Perrotin Store New York.