Katherine Bernhardt – Shower Power – 75 Unique Prints *SOLD*

A new series of large-scale lithographic prints each one hand-pulled in a unique combination of colours in Counter Studio, Margate. Each print holds at its centre the infamous Pink Panther, a long-standing repeated motif in Bernhardt's work. In Shower Power, Bernhardt situates the cartoon character against the modernist grid of the oversized brightly coloured shower in her studio complex Dragon Crab Turtle in St. Louis.

"Every colour recalls a stream of feelings and associations for every individual person based on our own individual life levels; so colour is something that goes way beyond generic colour theories that affect our moods and feelings. I tend to like pink, and shades of pinks and lavenders are some of my favorite colours. I painted the back of my new house in a couple of different shades of pink, I wear a lot of pink t-shirts, I planted a lot of cherry blossoms in my backyard that are currently pink." - Katherine Bernhardt

Katherine Bernhardt - Shower Power - 2023 SOLD OUT

Katherine Bernhardt - Shower Power - 2023Medium: Unique Hand Pulled Screenprints
Edition of 75 - each unique
Signed and numbered
Price: TBC

These Katherine Bernhardt prints will be available at 2pm (BST) on June 22nd from Counter Editions.