Maya Lin – Ghost Forest Seedlings

Ghost Forest Seedlings is Maya Lin’s first-ever generative art project, extending her acclaimed 2021 installation, Ghost Forest, presented at Madison Square Park in New York. Both projects exemplify Lin’s lifelong environmental activism, in which she has used art to examine the Earth’s vulnerability and the impact of the climate crisis. Ghost Forest Seedlings is presented by Pace Verso and E.A.T__WORKS.

Each of the 500 unique works includes three components: a signed 23” x 23” print of the final seedling; a generative NFT that shows the seedling’s evolution in real-time; and a video timelapse tracing the seedling’s complete growth progression. The print claim period will open during the week of September 25.

Ghost Forest Seedlings captures the organic growth patterns of a living, underground network of tree roots. The artworks depict a seed or group of seeds growing into an intricate root pattern, or seedling. Eschewing most computer-derived growth patterns, which create geometric and fractal patterning, the algorithm Lin has created generates artworks with growth patterns that are as varied as naturally growing organisms, reflecting the artist’s deep sensitivity to the complexity, beauty, and fragility of the natural world and its interconnected systems.

Maya Lin - Ghost Forest Seedlings - 2023

Maya Lin - Ghost Forest Seedlings - 2023
Medium: Print on Hahnemühle Bamboo paper. 

Size: 23 x 23 inches
Edition of 500 - Each unique. 
Price: $ 1,000

You can order this unique artwork from Pace.