Richie Culver – Born Died

Born Died is the second collaboration with Richie Culver and VogelART. At first glance it is minimalist, but upon closer inspection, a profound message unfolds. Richie Culver's Born Died series creates a compelling work of art that invites the viewer to ponder life's big questions.

In the beginning, the artist and publisher wanted to do a classic edition, but the motif is so clear and profound that a classic print would not have done it justice. Therefore, they decided to make 15 individual works as a series, so 15 originals in a series.  Richie decided to use black charcoal as the medium, which gives the series a certain aristocratic touch, sophistication and elegance.

To get the break right, they chose a very special paper: hand torn paper, watercolour arches grain fin, cold pressed, natural white, 100%, 300 g; on which Richie wrote the text in black charcoal. The series is to be sold framed, with a white distance wood frame, with Museum Glass UV90.

With the motif Born Died is Richie Culver also nominated for the John Moores Painting Prize 2023. The work will be shown at National Museums Liverpool with the other finalists.

Richie Culver - Born Died - 2023

Richie Culver - Born Died - 2023
Medium: B
lack charcoal on hand-torn paper.
Size: 64 x 52 cm
Edition of 15 - Each Unique
Signed and numbered
Price: € 2,900

These unique Richie Culver artworks will be available on August 18th at VogelART.