Rob Pruitt – Hoarfrost Pandas (Preview)

Rob Pruitt - Hoarfrost Pandas - 2024

Rob Pruitt - Hoarfrost Pandas - 2024"There’s a majesty found in nature that is hand in hand with the expression awe-inspiring; much more so than anything man has created or achieved. And the pathos of this is that we have proven ourselves to be such unreliable custodians of the planet, seemingly steering our world towards its demise. A lot of the art I make is an attempt to contribute to the chorus of warning bells currently sounding for this predicament." -Rob Pruitt

The inspiration for the Hoarfrost Pandas comes from the phenomenon of hoarfrost, when moisture on a clear night becomes frozen and creates a feathery, fluffier frost, and features Pruitt’s iconic panda immersed in the cool, glistening environment.

Medium: Digital UV and Hand-pulled Enamel Silkscreens on Silver Washi Paper
Size: 70.5 x 51.4 cm
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered
Price: $2,250 (Each), $8,500 (Set of 4), $15,000 (Set of 8). 

These Rob Pruitt editions will drop on Tuesday, 6 February at 10am EST at Phillips Drop Shop.