Ai Weiwei – MASK *SOLD*

Ai Weiwei MASK - 2020  SOLD OUT

Ai Weiwei MASK is an art project offering face coverings hand printed with Ai’s iconic images. By collecting these artworks, you provide relief and other support for the most vulnerable during this global crisis. Join the great artist and activist in this humanitarian effort.

“No will is too small and no act is too helpless.” -- Ai Weiwei

From May 28 to June 27 Human Rights Watch, Refugees International and Médecins Sans Frontières will benefit equally from funds raised by the Ai WeiWei MASK art sale.

Medium: silk-screened by hand on cloth face masks.
Size: Image: 10 x 17 cm each; overall width: 27 cm
Each package includes a print signed artist’s statement.

These items will be available a for limited period (May 28 - June 27, 2020) at Ebay
*These artworks are not recommended for medical use and no liability is assumed if they are used for this purpose.  The works are not washable.

Individual Masks

Ai Weiwei Masks - IndividualAi Weiwei Mask - Mask with Middle Finger
Ai Weiwei Mask - Sunflower Seeds
Ai Weiwei Mask - Feishu

Price: $ 50 (each) 

Finger - Series 

Ai Weiwei - Mask -Finger Series Ai Weiwei Mask - Buddha
Ai Weiwei Mask - Ghost
Ai Weiwei Mask - Hand with Gesture
Ai Weiwei Mask - Mask with Middle Finger

These new drawings by Ai Weiwei render his iconic gesture of defiance in four different styles, drawing from imagery relating to life, the afterlife, and mortality.

Price set of 4: $ 300

Free Speech - Series

Ai Weiwei - Mask - Free Speech Ai Weiwei Mask - Bird
Ai Weiwei Mask - Crab
Ai Weiwei Mask - Handcuffs
Ai Weiwei Mask - Surveillance

This series pictures four emblems of Ai Weiwei’s famous campaigns for free speech. The Twitter bird symbolizes the potential of social media to empower individual expression. The crab, or he xie, became slang on the Chinese Internet for censorship. The handcuffs relate to Ai Weiwei’s own imprisonment and are universal symbols of oppression. The camera is an omnipresent tool of state surveillance.

Price set of 4: $ 300

Shanhaijing - Series

Ai Weiwei - MASK - ShanhaijingAi Weiwei Mask - Chuniao
Ai Weiwei Mask - Feishu
Ai Weiwei Mask - Heluoyu
Ai Weiwei Mask - Lu

These fabulous creatures are part of the Shanhaijing, or the Classic of Mountains and Seas, one of the earliest sources of Chinese mythology. This ancient text describing a rich spirit world of fantastical geographies and hybrid forms of fish, birds, and dragons has long been suppressed in China.

Price set of 4: $ 300

Collection Set of 20

Ai Weiwei- Mask - Collection Set of 20This offering includes a complete set of Ai Weiwei MASK works plus a selection of the Study of Perspective photograph series: Tiananmen, Beijing, China, 1995; White House, Washington, D.C., 1995; Reichstag, Berlin, Germany, 1999; Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, 1999; Colosseum, Rome, Italy, 2003; Houses of Parliament, London, UK, 2005; Valle de los Caidos, Madrid, Spain, 2009

In his Study of Perspective photographs, Ai Weiwei asserts the empowerment of the individual in front of iconic (and always contested) sites of cultural, political, and ideological power around the world. These images assert the artist’s role as an agent of social change.

Price set of 20: $ 1,500

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