Anton Corbijn & Berend Strik print ‘Mandela Landscape’

Anton Corbijn & Berend Strik, Mandela Landscape, 2003 / 2013.

Anton Corbijn & Berend Strik, Mandela Landscape, 2003 / 2013. (recto)Anton Corbijn & Berend Strik, Mandela Landscape, 2003 / 2013. (verso)Anton Corbijn is one of the world's best known photographers and filmmakers. He has worked with the likes of U2, REM, George Clooney and others. Berend Strik is an internationally acclaimed multi-talented artist who is especially famous for his textile art.

In 2003, Corbijn made a portrait of Nelson Mandela. Strik recently reworked the portrait with the unique stitching technique that brought him international fame. The resulting Mandela Landscape is a double-sided artwork; the backside showing a labyrinth of wires and stitches. Both sides were then photographed and reproduced, resulting in a double sided art print.

Medium: Piezography on Hahnemuhle,
Size: 80 x 80 cm, double sided
Edition of 80,
Signed and numbered
Price: 2,000 euro (excl. VAT)

This limited edition print is available at ZAM Magazine
The original artwork (100x100cm) is also for sale. Interested bidders are welcome.