Antony Gormley – Stand Up for Ukraine

Antony Gormley - Stand Up for Ukraine - 2022

Having visited Kyiv many times and having exhibited there twice – when I received the warmth, hospitality, and friendship of many Ukrainians - I wanted to express in a simple way the solidarity I feel with their bravery and resistance to injustice. This is the space of a standing man in a changing field that confines and extends him. It expresses my empathy for the bravery and sacrifice of all those Ukrainians defending their lives and land and I hope it will touch the empathy of others here and encourage them to help in whatever way they can.
– Antony Gormley

Stand Up for Ukraine (2022) is an edition by Antony Gormley, which echoes his 2020 edition Together. A single field of colour pools, coagulates and dries to form an open silhouette of a body, finding form in an exchange between amalgamation and concentration, suggesting a process of connected care, of unity in separateness.

Antony Gormley - Stand Up for Ukraine - 2022Medium: Photopolymer gravure on Somerset 300 gsm textured paper
Size: 59 x 40.7 cm
Edition of 150
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 3,000

This fundraising Anthony Gormley edition is available at White Cube.