Banksy art sale in New York filmed by hidden camera

When the artist Banksy set up an unmarked stall in New York selling his original artwork for under $100, a hidden camera captured the reaction from the passing public. A man from Chicago may have wandered into a small fortune after buying four paintings by Banksy for just $240 (£150) from an unmarked stall set up by the street artist in New York's Central Park. Saying he was redecorating and just needed "something for the walls", the man was one of only three people to buy pieces from the stall, part of Banksy's "residency on the streets of New York".

A woman from New Zealand bought two of the small canvasses for $120 (£75) while another woman bought a pair for her young children, having haggled the vendor down to $60 (£37.50) – half-price.

It was unclear from a hidden-camera video whether they had any idea they were purchasing signed originals by the world-famous graffiti artist, whose pieces sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Thousands of other New Yorkers and tourists walked past the stall, which had been open for hours before the first sale, unaware of the potential goldmine of modern art that was on sale.

Looking at the footage, we have a pretty clear idea of the true idea of Banksy ... Jackass' Jhonny Knoxville ...