Banksy – (Fr)agile – New Screen Print! *EXPIRED*

"In Ukraine I saw a Legacy of War team sweep in and provide medical attention, heaters, fresh water and a friendly face to some very desperate people in a bombed out building. They also lent me one of their ambulances to work from, which turned out to be extremely useful when an angry babushka found me painting on her building and called the Police. I feel the least I should do is raise enough money to replace the number plates on the ambulance I hotted up.." — Banksy

Banksy - (Fr)agile - 2022 - EXPIRED

Banksy - Fragile - 2022Medium: Screen print with sharpened pizza cutter mark, float mounted in wooden frame
Edition of 50, each unique
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 5,000
*All proceeds from this sale will go to fund supplies for Legacy of War Foundation's team in the conflict zone in Ukraine

You can register your interest for this limited edition Banksy screen print until Friday, December 16th - 12 PM GMT at Legacy of War Foundation.