Banksy – Gross Domestic product ™ *SOLD*

Banksy - Gross Domestic Product ™   SOLD OUT

Banksy - Soft ToyBanksy is selling, among other works, a Union Jack stab vest, riot helmet ‘disco balls’ and a ‘designer handbag’ made from a brick to randomly selected buyers who can answer the question: “Why does art matter?.”

The works are offered in Banksy's “Gross Domestic Product” online store, with prices starting at £ 10 for a Banksy branded spray paint can to £ 850 for the stab vest as worn by Stormzy at the Glastonbury Festival in June 2019.

How it works

The shop is not first come, first served. Due to the limited number of products currently available they are opening a registration system. You have until 28th October to browse the shop and register your interest to buy a product. Please pick one item only, then enter your details and answer the question*. Entrants will be selected at random and offered first refusal to make a purchase within 7 working days with a secure way to pay.

Our price promise - never knowingly understood

The artist has price-fixed the first consignment of releases at a reduced rate for lower income patrons. In most cases this is far below market value. Please refrain from registering at this time if you are a wealthy art collector.

Massive Disclaimer

This is not a proper shop - it is an actual shop, it sells stuff and offers refunds and complies with data protection - but all the products are made in an art studio, not a factory. Everything is produced by a handful of people using recycled material wherever possible in a workplace culture of daytime drinking. So there isn’t loads of it and it’s not all ready to ship straight away. You are advised that GDP may prove to be a disappointing retail experience - especially if you’re successful in making a purchase.

Banksy™ Clock

Banksy™ ClockUpcycled from an office supplies store, this timepiece features a trademark Banksy rat and is suitable for home, office or Home Office.
The precision mechanism requires 1x AA battery to accurately mark our relentless and steady ticking towards the great unknown.
Screen printed in black and individually hand smudged.
Signed on the reverse.
50 available at £ 500

Banksy™ Thrower

Banksy™ ThrowerThis is Banksy’s first experiment with a new technique for making prints - spray the stencil onto processing film and expose the result directly onto a silk screen. This avoids photography or computer manipulation and creates a super accurate analogue representation of gestural mark making. In other words - looks pretty dope.
Comes as set of three signed and numbered.
A black and white hand finished edition will be available at some point.
100 available at £ 750

Banksy™ Vest

Banksy™ VestA version of the ‘John Bull’ English gents waistcoat updated for modern times. This customised body armour is capable of stopping bullets up to .45 calibre and is fully stab proof, yet not machine washable.
As worn by Stormzy at Glastonbury festival (because it’s very dangerous there).
One size only.
1 available now at £850