Bill Viola – Bodies of Light

Bill Viola - Bodies of Light - 2019

Bill Viola - Bodies of Light - 2019Throughout his 40-year career Viola has extensively researched and experienced Eastern religions, which he describes as being ‘all about the knower and the known being part of a larger unity’. These concepts have been fundamental within Viola’s practice. The text is a translation from the Quran; it is attributed here to Zia Inayat Khan who is a scholar and teacher of Sufism. Key to this creed – and central to Viola’s art – is the notion of personal and collective transformation.

Produced in the historic RA Schools, the starting point for this etching was a drawing by Viola made in 2006. The circular form, which almost seems to vibrate on the page, is evocative of an eye or viewfinder. As a student at Syracuse University in the early 1970’s, Viola experimented with homemade versions of a camera obscura allowing him to explore this method of image projection which dates back to ancient China.

Medium: Etching
Size: 56 x 44 cm
Edition of 40
Each print is numbered in pencil with the artist’s signature blind-embossed
Price unframed: £ 1.100
Price framed: £ 1.395

This limited edition Bill Viola print is available at The Royal Academy of Arts
Available now for pre-order and will dispatched after 01/04/2019