Billy Childish – Lexington set *SOLD*

Billy Childish, Lexington set, 2016. SOLD OUT

To celebrate Billy's first London gig in 6 years, L-13 Light Industrial Workshop is publishing this EXCLUSIVE BOX SET of 'bills' designed by Billy Childish and engineered at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop

Billy Childish, Lexington set, 2016.Edition of 113 SETS
Box size: 30 x 36 cm
Box set Contents:

  • 1 x Distressed Flyposter, signed, numbered and stamped by the artist. 105 x 71 cm, folded.
  • 6 x Foyer Cards. 30 x 36 cm on heavy card.
  • 1 x "He's Got A Big Furry Tail Hanging Down His Back" 7" single. Tracks: 'CTMF' b/w 'Punk Wars' Coloured Vinyl
  • All housed in a custom card box with paper label

Price: £75.00  SOLD

This limited edition Billy Childish Box set (and others) is available for pre-order at L-13 Light Industrial Workshop
Publication and first shipment date 10th March 2016.