Chantal Joffe – Anna Freud

This print is based on Chantal's drawing of Anna Freud, which was exhibited as part of our Multicolour project, and originally created using a coloured pencil that we salvaged from the wreckage of The Jungle refugee camp in Northern France.
Chantal was inspired by Anna Freud's remarkable story when she escaped Poland as a refugee during the Nazi regime and resettled in the UK, where she went on to have a monumental impact on mental health research, training and treatment. It is easy to draw parallels from Anna's journey and many of the refugees our work supports- particularly the refugee doctors that worked on the front line of coronavirus as part of the NHS.
Funds raised from the sale of this print will support RefuAid, Refugee Community Kitchenand The Lotus Flower.

Chantal Joffe - Anna Freud - 2022

Chantal Joffe - Anna Freud - 2022Medium: Photopolymer etching on Somerset Satin 300gsm
Size: 44 x 34.5 cm
Edition of 30
Signed and numbered
Price on request

This limited edition Chantal Joffe print will be available by enquiry on Thursday December 8th at Migrate Art.