Dani Gal book edition – “i.e.” *EXPIRED*

Dani Gal, i.e., 2008.   EXPIRED

Dani Gal, i.e., 2008.The upcoming six weeks, each Friday, The Deutsche Guggenheim is going to present you one of their limited editions as a special offer. These editions can be ordered for a special price until February 17, 2013. This as a -as they say- "Thank you for 15 years companionship". What a great gesture! This is their first special priced edition.

In “i.e.,” Dani Gal questions the authority of institutions by removing example sentences from the Oxford English Dictionary from their context and formulating an absurd “novel” out of them.

Medium: Book object. Paperback, 957 pages,
Size: 13,4 x 21,4 x 3,3 cm.
Limited edition of 500 copies, of which 50 copies are signed on the attached certificate.
31 of 50 available
Special Price: Expired

This limited Dani Gal book edition can be ordered at The Deutsche Guggenheim