Eddie Peake – Daggering

Eddie Peake, Daggering, 2013

Eddie Peake, Daggering, 2013.To coincide with his 2013 exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey, Eddie Peake has created an edition that is both artwork and accessory – a spray painted scarf that is designed to be worn. Peake is a diverse artist whose multi-faceted work incorporates dynamic performances that focus strongly on voyeurism, sexuality and gender, as well as photography, painting and sculptures which reference popular culture, the body and the language of social networking. The idea for this edition came directly from the props that Peake uses to develop his paintings where a simple, smiley face has been masked out of abstract spray painted swirls using the silhouettes of two plastic bags for the eyes and a draped scarf for the mouth. During the process of painting, the scarves take on the diaphanous clouds of colour from each sprayed layer, an effect that the artist has recreated for this edition, each of which he has uniquely painted. The scarves are an edition of 75 and each comes in a presentation box with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Medium: Viscose scarf with spray paint,
Size: 190 x 72 cm
Edition of 75 (each unique)
Comes in a presentation box with a artist signed COA.
Price: € 395

This limited Eddie Peake edition is available at New Art Editions