Elizabeth Price – WE – Screen print

Elizabeth Price - We - 2016

Elizabeth Price - We - 2016Studio Voltaire launches a new limited edition print by Elizabeth Price. Working predominately in moving image installation, Price animates collections of found and created imagery which are re-drawn as apocalyptic narratives. Combining text, image and music, her incisive editing processes create unexpected links between disparate histories and archives.

Price's films are voiced by anonymous 'choruses' who become the central protagonists of key works such as the Turner Prize-winning 'THE WOOLWORTHS CHOIR OF 1979' (2012): her assembly sings '“WE KNOW. WE ARE CHORUS”, as the words simultaneously flash across the screen. This plural 'WE' is the basis for Price's new edition, which also referencing her series of hard-edge text and wall paintings.

Medium: Screen Print
Size: 63 x 27 cm
Edition of 100
Signed and numbered
Price: £120

This limited edition Elizabeth Price print is available at Studio Voltaire