Elmgreen & Dragset – The Future *SOLD*

Elmgreen & Dragset - The Future - 2020  SOLD OUT

Elmgreen & Dragset - The Future - 2020Elmgreen & Dragset rethink societal norms through their sculptures, installations and performances. The Future is a small scale wall sculpture in an edition of 30. In this work the artists depict a teenager sitting on a fire escape, whose posture and expression leave you wondering whether the boy is overcome by boredom,  experiencing feelings of loneliness or if he is contemplating the difficult ride into becoming an adult.

Medium: powder coated steel with a clothed resin figure
Size: 64cm x 45cm x 20cm
Edition of 30
Price: € 7,500  SOLD OUT

This limited edition Elmgreen & Dragset work is available for pre-order at Avant Arte