Grayson Perry – Vote For Me!

Grayson Perry - Vote For Me! - 2023

Available now, Grayson Perry's new print Vote for Me! was created for his retrospective organised by the National Galleries of Scotland. It depicts the artist as Margaret Thatcher, sitting in his "very nice modern home surrounded by the symbols of identity, success, culture and mortality".

"Vote for Me! is a self-portrait as Margaret Thatcher. There's an assumption in the art world that all artists are left of centre and that all their audience is left of centre as well. They're just alienating half their audience! I often ask gallery directors when their next Tory exhibition will be, because they're always having exhibitions about very progressive subjects. You've got to tease the Left nowadays because they're just as full of pomposity and orthodoxy as the Right. I expect, though, that as you get richer, you get more Tory. When your tax bill passes the prime minister's wages, as mine did a few years ago, then you suddenly get very politically concerned." - Perry

Grayson Perry - Vote For Me! - 2023Medium: Etching 
Size: 99.7 x 70.2 cm
Edition of 68
Signed and numbered
Price on Application 

You can order this Grayson Perry edition from Paragon Press.