Helen Cammock – Kaleidoscope

Helen Cammock - Kaleidoscope - 2019

Helen Cammock - Kaleidoscope - 2019For her Whitechapel edition Helen Cammock has created a diptych of silkscreen prints entitled Kaleidoscope. The word Kaleidoscope; meaning a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements, derives from the Greek words kalos, meaning beautiful, and eidos, meaning form.

The edition is comprised of two parts; a line-drawing of a landscape, a representation of the natural world, and a concrete text which speaks of the lurches and cycles in architecture, moving towards an ever changing modernity.

For Cammock the diptych illustrates the fracture between these two worlds -  the contradiction of our reliance on a natural world, that we choose to believe will continue to exist without our care, and the relative fragility of our constructed world that is destroying it.

This edition accompanies the Max Mara Art Prize for Women exhibition, Helen Cammock: Che si può fare?  at Whitechapel Gallery, 25 June – 1 September 2019.
The artist is one of four shortlisted artists for the Turner Prize 2019.

Medium: Diptych, silkscreen prints
Size: 41.6 x 31.7 cm each
Edition of 40
Signed and numbered
Price: £ 450  (WG Members price: £ 405)

This limited edition diptych is available at Whitechapel Gallery