Invader & Zevs Prints *SOLD*

Invader, Space Vibes (Red), 2009    SOLD OUT

Invader, Space Vibes (Red), 2009"The Outsiders" annual stock take has triggered the discovery of the final few numbers from several superb editions, some of which they make available today. Space Vibes (Red) by Invader is a quintessential print by the Parisian street art favourite.

They have only two prints remaining. So when interested you have to hit that button real quick. Good luck !

Medium: Two-colour screen print on Magnani Litho 350gsm paper
Size: 70cm x 50cm
Edition size: 30
Signed and numbered by the artist
Year: 2009
Price: £ 750  SOLD OUT

This print release will be available at 16:00 BST (that’s 08:00 on the west coast of the USA, 11:00 on the east coast and 17:00 on continental Europe) Thursday 12th April 2012 at Outsiders
Also available" Liquidated Hammer & Sickle (Some Prints are More Equal than Others), by fellow French high-end vandal Zevs, is made entirely from red and gold glitter on top of a two-colour screen print.

Edition size: 10
Signed and numbered by the artist on reverse
Size: 70cm x 50cm
Price: £950 SOLD OUT