Jim Hodges – Red Lemonade

Jim Hodges - Red Lemonade, 2013.

Jim Hodges, Red Lemonade, 2013.The first Red Lemonade limited edition created by Jim Hodges, chair of the Sculpture department at Yale University and subject of a major mid-career retrospective by the Walker Art Center and Dallas Museum of Art. This artist's edition of Someday This Will be Funny consists of 21 individual books containing short fiction by Lynne Tillman, stories including "That's How Wrong My Love Is," "Chartreuse," "Madame Realism's Conscience," and "Save Me from the Pious and the Vengeful." Each of the 21 books has a different color cover so the reader may rearrange the 2x2 book grid in the 18" x 24" display case to present a different four-color image. To aid in presentation the display case is sheathed in plexiglass. Jim Hodges's artist edition of Tillman's short story collection thereby tests the boundaries of the bound book by unpacking and repackaging it and freeing the reader-cum-viewer to do the same, offering a shifting, kaleidoscopic grid of color as one possible incarnation, one moment in the interplay of text and image.

Medium: 21 Softcover books + 1 display case,
Size books: 2" x 2" each,
Size display Case: 18" x 24",
Signed and Numbered,
Edition of 275,
Price: $300 (Members $270)

This limited Jim Hodges edition is available at Printed Matter