Tauba Auerbach Pop-up book [2,3] *SOLD*

Tauba Auerbach, [2,3], 2011.Tauba Auerbach, [2,3], 2011.   SOLD OUT
Auerbach has created an oversized pop-up book featuring six die-cut paper sculptures that unfold into wonderful, elaborate forms. While much of Auerbach’s work has previously dealt with compositions staged in the flux state between 2D and 3D, [2,3] represents an expansion for the artist towards a more sculptural medium. Engineered by the artist, each “page” opens into a beautifully constructed object, intricately conceived so that the large-scale paper works—some up to 18” tall—can be collapsed totally flat.

The six sculptures in [2,3] take their cue from a range of geometric forms—the pyramid, sphere, ziggurat, octagonal bipyramid (gem), arc, and möbius-strip. The use of a bright, contrasting palette is familiar from Auerbach’s previous work across a range of materials, including acrylics, etchings and C-type prints. This groundbreaking project stands as an astonishing art-object, part bookwork and part sculpture, and represents an advance in the field of pop-up technology.

Tauba Auerbach, [2,3], 2011.The six volumes are housed in a specially designed slipcase, and each folio measures 20” x 32” when open. [2,3] comes in an artist signed and numbered edition of 1,000 plus 100 proofs.