Jonas Wood – Aechmea Bromeliad Poster

Cirrus Editions has announce the release of Jonas Wood’s “A selection of 81 Aechmea bromeliads”, the workshop’s third co-publication with WKS Editions. The edition is a 26-color, 42 3/8 inch by 30 3/4 inch lithograph that takes as its initial source an Aechmea bromeliad calendar - a tropical plant that often makes a recurring appearance in his work, among other plants and objects sourced from his everyday life.

Not too dissimilar to John Baldessari’s “Raw Prints”, which are a direct reference to the fundamentals of art, including color, composition and form, “A selection of 81 Aechmea bromeliads” also pays homage to the process of image making, and specifically that of Wood’s. The large-scale print, which is almost completely enveloped by 81 beautifully drawn bromeliads, takes us on an encyclopedic tour of the artist’s potential source material.

Jonas Wood - Aechmea Bromeliad Poster - 2022

Jonas Wood - A Selection of 81 Aechmea Bromeliads - 2022Medium: 26 Colour Lithograph
Size: 42 3/8 in. x 30 3/4 in.
Edition: TBC
Signed and numbered
Price: TBC

This Jonas Wood edition is available at CIRRUS.