Jonathan Monk – A Poster Project

Jonathan Monk - A Poster Project - 2011, 2012.

Jonathan Monk - A Poster Project - 2011, 2012.This special edition consists of ten posters by Jonathan Monk, originally made for a touring exhibition Again, A Time Machine, commissioned by Book Works and Eastside Projects. The posters were made according to instructions given to Book Works by the artist, and fly-posted in locations in Birmingham, Bristol, Berlin, New York and London. It also contains a signed and numbered photograph.

The edition includes:
Ten posters, printed offset litho on blue back poster paper, 841 x 594 mm.
A black and white photograph of Martin Kippenberger (detail from fly-posted poster, Berlin), signed and numbered by the artist, 203 x 152 mm.
Published by Book Works in an edition of 45
Price: £ 150

You can order this limited Jonathan Monk edition at Book Works here