JR UNFRAMED printUNFRAMED is an ongoing JR project since 2010 realized using images by famous or anonymous photographers and archival images that JR interprets and takes out of their context depending on the place, neighborhood or city he works in. You might have seen recent installations in Ellis Island in NYC.

For this exclusive print JR was lucky to work with a self-portrait made by Pablo Picasso in his parisian studio rue Schoelcher in 1915-1916. He decided to crop one eye of the portrait and paste it in the oldest and inspiring print shop of Paris where Pablo Picasso himself used to produce his own lithographies from 1945.

Within a few years Pablo Picasso geniously modernized the lithography technique in this print shop playing with black ink, even petrol and the difference steps of limestones and drawings. This new print is JR's hommage to the master in this historic place for lithography.

The first lithography from JR's UNFRAMED project will be released Friday October 24th at 2.00pm GMT (10.00am in NYC, 3.00pm in London, 4.00pm in Paris, 6.00pm in Abu Dhabi, 10.00pm in Shanghai) at 99Prints