Just released: Laure Prouvost ‘The artist book’ *SOLD*

Laure Prouvost, The artist book (special edition), 2013.   SOLD OUT 

Laure Prouvost, The artist book (special edition 2/12), 2013. Laure Prouvost, The artist book (special edition 8/12), 2013. Laure Prouvost, The artist book (special edition 12/12), 2013. Turner Prize nominee Laure Prouvost uses the idea of the artist’s book as biography, juxtaposing formal devices with mini-narratives, images, and additional handwritten notes.  This is a special limited edition of The Artist Book, each with a unique artwork, sized and folded like a dust jacket for the special hardback version of the book. Each artwork represents a new version of ‘a cover’, replete with the forms of collage, hand painted bums, watercolour images, scrawled asides and comments, handwritten titles and other material normally found on a cover.

Laure Prouvost, The artist book (special edition - cover), 2013.Published by Book Works in a limited edition of 12, plus 3 artist’s proofs.
Each artwork is signed and numbered by the artist, presented in a folder with a special hardback edition of The Artist Book bound in cloth and housed in a slipcase, produced by Book Works Studio.
Book size, 160 x 235 mm, designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio,
image size 455 x 395 mm, folded to 345 x 238 mm.
Special Launch price: £850
Shown here are three of the artworks, and the cover of the special hardback edition.

This special edition will become available at Book Works here

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