New Jutta Koether etching ‘The Double Session’

Jutta Koether, The Double Session, 2013.

Jutta Koether, The Double Session, 2013. The Double Session is an etching from two drawings on tracing paper by the artist, based on a photograph of a tableau vivant of Jacques Derrida recreating Poussin’s Massacre of the Innocents (c.1630). The number seven is embossed into the ceiling. The appearance of the four and the seven reiterate the idea of the Seasons and the Sacraments.

Medium: Two colour etching on somerset velvet radiant white paper (300gsm)
Paper size: 32 x 23cm
Image size: 27 x 20.5cm
Edition of 20, uniquely annotated on verso by artist
Price: £400
Price plus VAT: £480

This limited edition Jutta Koether etching is available at Dundee Contemporary Arts