Katherine Bradford – Swimmers in Fog and New Diver *SOLD*

Katherine Bradford - Swimmers in Fog - 2021 SOLD OUT

Katherine Bradford - Swimmers in Fog - 2021Swimmers in Fog is an edition of archival pigment prints that blurs the line between foreground and background, displaying airy beings that could be sitting poolside, wading into the sea at the beach, or breast stroking through the air all in the same scene. It seems as though we’ve stumbled into someone’s dream with no sense of time or space, only the purple mist and the water that is everywhere and nowhere and all that’s left to do is swim.

Medium: Archival pigment print on Hanhemuhle museum etching paper.
Size: 36 x 26.75 inches
Edition: 125
Signed and numbered on front.
Price: $750

Katherine Bradford - New Diver - 2021  SOLD OUT

Katherine Bradford - New Diver - 2021New Diver is a series of hand-embellished prints exploring situational nuance, producing wide-ranging effects by applying bands of color in various sections of this sparse composition. The results imply many riffs on the solitary diver’s relationship to the horizon, with each print’s overall tone defined by differences in their dynamic atmosphere - whether it’s the color of the sky or the activity in its subtle brush strokes is up to the viewer to receive as they will.

Medium: Hand finished acrylic & archival pigment on Hanhemuhle museum etching paper.
Size: 24 7/8 x 20 inches.
Edition: Hand-embellished series of 30.
Signed and numbered on front.
Price: $2750

These limited edition prints will be available on Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 at 12pm EST from Exhibition A. 

Registered clients will be given access an hour early, at 11am EST.
Registration for early access closes on June 14th, 2021 at 12pm EST.
By purchasing this work, you agree that the print will not be resold for a minimum period of two years from the purchase date.

Katherine Bradford - Signing