Sarah Jones print ‘The Rose Gardens (Display: II) (III)’

Sarah Jones, The Rose Gardens (Display: II) (III), 2013.

Sarah Jones, The Rose Gardens (Display: II) (III), 2013.Sarah Jones', published by Violette.

Taken from the artist's 'Rose Garden' series, 'The Rose Gardens (Display:II) (III)' combines the poise,  sharpness and creeping uncanniness which makes Sarah Jones's photographs so distinctively arresting. Brilliant light falls onto a decaying rose bush, pulling the flowers and their languid stems into the surface of the image and effectively isolating the bush from its surrounding space. The intense lighting reveals in minute detail the vivid colours and varied textures of the rose bush - the glassy smoothness of the leaves, the curling delicacy of the petals, the pebbled lichens on the knotty trunk.

"Photography allows us to scrutinise something; like putting a glass dish over a specimen to look more closely at it," Jones has commented.  Both beautiful and dark, 'The Rose Gardens (Display:II)(III)' is a hypnotic and mysteriously satisfying image.

This limited edition print has been created by Sarah Jones as part of a new partnership between Counter Editions and Violette Editions. The photograph comes in a specially made acid-free portfolio and comes with a copy of the new monograph 'Sarah Jones', published by Violette.

Medium: C-print
Size: 50.8 x 40.6 cm (20 x 16 in)
Edition of 45
Accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.
Price: €800 (VAT incl.), Free UK shipping.

This limited edition Sarah Jones print is available at Counter Editions