Lise Sarfati photograph – Kelly, West Sunset Blvd 2010 *SOLD*

Lise Sarfati photograph, Kelly, West Sunset Blvd 2010 / 2012. SOLD OUT 

Lise Sarfati photograph, Kelly, West Sunset Blvd 2010 / 2012.This Lise Sarfati limited-edition photograph is from her series On Hollywood. The focus of the series is the landscape of Los Angeles and the women who, after being ensnared by the allure of Hollywood, now find themselves struggling with harsh realities. Sarfati was inspired by French writer Guy Debord’s concept of “psycho-geographical wanderings”: roaming the boulevards of Hollywood, Sarfati studied how geographical surroundings can impact the emotional behavior of individuals. Focusing on banal locations such as street corners, parking lots, and corner stores, Sarfati photographed women who are on the fringe of society. While working she developed personal relationships with her subjects, which allowed her to capture their vulnerability.

We see Sarfarti’s subject, Kelly, standing alone and isolated in a corner store; she evokes the canon of the anti-heroine. Sarfati captured this image using some of the last rolls of Kodachrome 64 color film, and its particular characteristics lend to Kelly the suggestion of 1940s-era Hollywood starlets. The Technicolor quality of the film contrasts the lackluster moment, heightening the tension between humdrum reality and old Hollywood glamour.

Image Size: 13 3/8 x 9 inches
Paper Size: 17 3/8 x 13 inches
Edition: 15 + 3 AP
Signed and numbered by the artist

This limited edition Lise Sarfati photograph is available at Aperture