Luc Tuymans – Premonition

Luc Tuymans - Premonition - 2016  

Luc Tuymans - Premonition - 2016This new limited edition print has been published by the Royal Academy to celebrate Tuymans’ curation of Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans. As a lasting legacy of his involvement in the exhibition, Tuymans has generously made this work which has been printed in the historic RA Schools.

The starting point for ‘Premonition’ was a characteristically unsettling drawing on lined paper by Tuymans of the same name. This drawing also features on the cover of Tuymans’ book of drawings published in 1997. On the image, Tuymans has said - ‘what interested me here was the idea of the clown as a disguise, the nature of friendliness as something deceptive, and of dangerousness, which is connected to anonymity. The stereotype of the clown’s face is enhanced by the sunglasses’. Currently showing at the National Portrait Gallery, London is an exhibition of paintings by Tuymans where all of the sitters are wearing glasses. Tuymans often works from pre-existing imagery such as polaroid photographs, television footage and magazine cuttings. His paintings and drawings appear slightly out-of-focus with a deliberately washed out palette which gives them an eerie quality.

Medium: Screenprint
Size: 44 x 35cm
Edition of 80
Signed and numbered
Price: £1,600

This limited edition Luc Tuymans print is available at the Royal Academy
Proceeds from the sales of this print will help ensure that the Academy’s exhibitions programme continues to flourish. The price may rise as the edition sells.

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