Marc Quinn print, Diamond Dust Stealth Kate.

Marc Quinn, Stealth Kate, 2013.

Marc Quinn, Stealth Kate, 2013.A limited-edition run of 75 digital prints of Marc Quinn's iconic Kate Moss sculpture has been signed, titled and numbered by the artist himself as part of Wallpaper* Handmade 2013. It was printed with silkscreen glaze and diamond dust by Quinn, art publishers Manifold Editions and Brad Faine of leading printmakers Coriander Studio. Quinn chose the digital print process because it accentuates the colours and shades of the image, while the diamond dust provides an amazing contrast.

Marc Quinn's intricately detailed digital print of his 1996 iconic sculpture of supermodel Kate Moss depicts her unearthly beauty, but shows her limbs contorted in an extreme yoga pose, a reflection on the distortions of global media. Quinn chose the digital print process for the image of Kate as it accentuates the colours and shades of the image, the raw material of diamond dusk is an amazing contrast to the clean, detailed and sharp image of Kate Moss. The artwork was created specially for Wallpaper* magazine’s annual Handmade exhibition in April in Milan, a showcase of unique pieces by leading designers, artists and international brands, all commissioned by the magazine’s editors. The full story of the exhibition is told in Wallpaper* magazine’s August issue, out now.

Medium: Digital print with silkscreen glaze and diamond dust, printed on 330gsm Somerset Satin Enhanced paper.
Size: 92.5 x 71cm / 36.35 x 27.9 inches
Edition of 75
Signed, titled and numbered on the front
Normal price: £1,920
Special price: £1,560

This limited edition Marc Quinn print is for sale at Manifold Editions